Welcome to Free Dispute Fix!
We understand that everyone is not in a position to pay for Credit Repiar, or purchase these really expensive Credit DIY programs.
That's why we created "Free Dispute Fix" as a way to give back, while not overwhelming you in the process.
We're not just about repairing credit. We're about empowering your financial journey. Every month we'll send you a complimentary dispute letter, crafted by experts, to help you tackle those stubborn credit report errors.
But we don't just send you a letter and leave you to it. Every month, you'll get a dispute letter from us, No fancy jargon, just simple, effective steps. Plus, we’ll send you a video that shows you exactly what to do with the letter. Easy to follow, no confusion.

Understanding your credit is a crucial part of the process. That's why you'll need to maintain a monthly credit monitoring service. By keeping track of the changes in your three-bureau reports month to month, you'll see firsthand the progress you're making. This transparency is key to building not just a better credit score, but a more confident financial future.

Join us at Free Dispute Fix, and let's start turning your credit story around – one dispute letter at a time.

In order to get instant access to our free monthly Dispute Fix Software complete your FREE Course checkout below.

  • The first step is to get a copy of your credit report to see what needs repair. (After registration you will be directed over to our partner to get your $1 credit report)
  • You will need to keep the service in order to see what items have been deleted or updated from your report every month.
  • You're going to want to stay in touch with me so... text the word "FREE" to my phone 314-789-3854.
  • ... And I'll see you inside!
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